How to increase Social Media followers and Presence

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In 2014, the social media platform users increase daily basic. No drought that SERP Generates a good traffic, but now it’s time to think ahead and increase some more traffic through social media platforms. The company blog is one of the best ways to get increased traffic through sharing some good ideas, company news, helpful new news and much more. There are many case studies available that social media marketing increase their valuable traffic.

As per the content marketing trends, you need to start company blog and update it regular basis with unique content and some extra values. Share your content on social media platforms and get the links from this and you can also promote it. Definitely, it’s a time consuming process, but finally it will help you to beat your competitors.

Now the question is

  • How to increase social media quality traffic?

  1. Complete profile: The first requirement is complete profile. Give your some valuable times to complete the profile and add related data, industry and most important cross social media accounts.
  2. Use various platforms: Join the popular platform like facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Google plus, Pinterest because it derives global and huge traffic.
  3. Post regularly: Once you complete your profile, it’s very important to write a post daily basis and share it on social platforms. If you don’t have much time, write 2-3 post in a week because Google much more likes the fresh content.
  4. Share the admin role: we all know that only one person thought never got good success. Therefore share the admin role with your co-workers and tell them to share some good stuff.
  5. Blog links and engagement: share your blog with the blog links and attractive descriptions that will increase your engagement via likes, plus, share, retweets. The engagement will help you to create a relationship with users and encourage them to follow you.
  6. Join the community, group and became influenced: the community and groups are the best way to get traffic because numbers of relevant persons joined with community and groups. If possible, join the discussion and build business relationship with others.
  7. Add the social links to your blog: add the social media sharing buttons to every blog and website pages. When reader come to read the blog, they can easily like and share your blog. So your blog reaches to huge amount of followers and increase your traffic grows.
  8. Email signatures: your business gets thousands of emails daily and you also reply hundreds of them. Generally, in the signature box we include contact information. So I suggest you customize your signature and add the social media icons, brand identity, some about us, recent blogs and many more.
  9. Cross sharing: internally Connect your every social media account and use the cross marketing techniques to get more likes.
  • How to increase likes and shares in facebook?

The facebook is the most popular social media platform with the highest users and huge amount of people online every time.Facebook-Fan-Page-likes

  1. Share rich content with photo: The first thing I learn that No values of photo without rich content and No values of rich content without photos. As per the study, the large images get more like, shares and comments. You can Use the direct large image with rich content instead of posting a link.
  2. Use advance title or status: when sharing a status, change the ways to share. People loves the simple ask questions; fill in the blank, like vs share contest and much more. So ask people to do something and get good likes.
  3. Share quotes: The quotes are very powerful things to get likes and shares on the facebook. Some brands are using memes with the quotes and get the high likes.
  4. Use hashtag: In the facebook, the hashtag used with categories and industry symbol to increase your brand, product and campaign awareness to global audiences.
  5. Join the group: Join the related industry groups and share the rich content in the group. I prefer that not only share your blog but share industry other person’s blog as well and mention your brands in status.
  6. Facebook ads, tools: The facebook ads are the easiest way to get likes and shares. Now, the ads have a many custom features like age, country, sex and many more so you get only related likes in your budget. Promote your product as well and check it out the reach, likes and shares via some paid tools or facebook insides. Lots of paid tools are also available to track the records.
  • How to increase twitter followers?

You have to describe things in only 140 characters in twitter. But still the twitter generates highly engagement platform for any business. Twitter is also largest sharing platform in all social media platforms. It gives you a huge amount of direct traffic on your links.twitter-followers

  1. Compose and share valuable content: If you want people to follow you and share your content, you need to publish valuable content. Share your same post 4-5 times with different content because your followers are not available 24/7 on twitters.
  2. Share with Image: As like facebook, the post with image trends also running on the twitter. From the recent industry figure, the post with image got many favorite and retweet.
  3. Participate with comment: Follow the business related people and reply them. Check out the conversion of your followers, brand mentions and join the discussions.
  4. Retweet relevant content: The retweet is one of the best way to reach at more people. Find out your industry influencers and retweet their rich content. Your brand reaches at reputed audience and you will get prospective teamwork and reciprocal sharing.
  5. Tweet regularly and right time: No one wants to follow them who never tweet, so it very important to share on a regular basis. The time of tweets is very important so choose that time when your most of audience using it.
  • How to increase Google plus followers?

Google already integrated the Google plus and authorship in the search engine ranking factors. Therefore the Google plus sharing standard is increasing on a daily basis. Google plus social media platform is as like as others. You can create a circle and share your content.

google+ followers

  1. Optimize your page first: Before you start promotion of your Google plus page, share some good blogs in your posts so when someone came, it generates positive experience.
  2. Create circles and ask them to share: create a circle and add some business related persons in that and join the discussions. If you write a rich content which people like most, easily people share it and your post reach at potential followers.
  3. Shortlist your circles: if you are running a business with one or more industry, shortlist your followers by circles. So it’s easy to share posts with related followers.
  4. Join the communities and discussions: Join the related industry, most popular communities, share your post on that and reply to comments. The post reaches as many people because huge amount of global public joined with communities. It’s really helped you to find some good plus.
  5. Participate in hangout: The Google plus communities have one of the best features and its hangout. Participate in the community hangout discussions and build helpful relationship with others.


The social media sharing trends increase very fast and many seo experts says “in future, the Google search engine will add the social signal in ranking factors.” So if you don’t focus on the social media marketing, start it today.

Now, are you ready to boost up your visitors by social media marketing?

Happy reading!