Important role of social signals in search engine ranking

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Its only one thing trends very fast, it’s when the other peoples of your industry mention you or talking about you on social platforms. But the main questions is its helps you to achieve higher ranking? If yes, what are the best techniques to share your ideas?

As we all know, most of the social signals are No-follow then how it helps? The Google and bing have confirmed that they are using the social signals for ranking factors so the social share is the practice to improve text or anchor text searches in search systems.

As per the experts says “Now the social signals are very important factors for the higher ranking and gain influence.” even the search engine land ranking periodic table has also mentioned the importance of social signals.

1.     Every social factor is important?

With the raises of social media, it’s the best way to go viral in a short time. it means the facebook likes, share, tweets, retweets and mentions, LinkedIn share and mostly the Google + factors are very important for the search engine ranking. Even the other social signals are also matters most.

Social media platformsThe Main focusing social media platforms are:  

  • How many facebook likes and shares you have
  • How many tweets and reteets your URL
  • Number of authority persons share
  • How many Google +1

And as per the recent survey of quick sprout  

  • 100 Google +1 and followers = 20.14 % ranking improvement
  • 300 Google +1 vote = 9.44 % ranking improvement
  • 70 facebook share and 50 likes = 6.9 % ranking improvement
  • 50 tweets = 2.88 % ranking improvement

 2.     Important of authorships

When we have logged in into the Gmail account and search in Google, the authority persons share are also being displayed. Google implements the authority features in their ranking algorithms for a long time. Mainly the social networks are the best ways to build a link relationship with the other authorize persons.

Social media in SERP

Links from the higher authority persons in Google view, helps you to higher ranking.  So it’s very important to build a relationship with your relevant high other persons. Google continues to track the author sharing content and check the reader engagement of sharing content. So I suggest that find the most valuable persons and build a valuable relationship with them. The Google authorship has more important for ranking correlation into actual causation.

And at last Google authorship on most important hidden benefits that Google will display the popular other post of that author in below their display post.

3.     Facts of Social signal for search engine ranking    

As per the matt said the social signal are not directly impact on your ranking. But it’s important for public views and increases the page quality traffic. The Google algorithms can’t crawl social sites as like other sites. If the social sites are pointing to your website then Google is able to crawl it in some cases your profiles also blocked for views. The social signal impressions not directly affect your ranking. But the huge amounts of impressions generate good and quality clicks and increase your CTR and time duration on your site.

Always the amazing blog shared lots of shared on social signals and got a good ranking. The social signal is not responsible for ranking, it ranks because it’s amazing content.

Always people set wrong mindset about the higher ranking. They think that every high positions website having a lot of shares, likes, +1s, tweets and much more. But they don’t think that blog is awesome and its very helpful piece of content that’s why it’s becoming very popular on the internet.

There are some reasons why you have to use the social media.

  • Everybody is using social media websites so it’s easy to engagement and goes viral.
  • Other recommend you by using like, retweets and plus signals.
  • The other can endorse you or your content and linked so you are very likely on social platforms.
  • Popular brand has a huge amount of followers so it’s better for product reviews, new lunching, conversion rate, customer loyalty and many more. 

Social media Boost up ranking

4.     Strong tips for strong impression on social media

You have learned that the social factors are very important for the social ranking so now are you thinking that how you can get high presence in social media.

Content marketing: share your own company blog and other competitors’ business related blogs.

Distribute the work: if you don’t have an enough time to manage your company page, share it with your coworkers so when they found new, directly share it.

Social media magic

Direct connect: follow the other experts and share their content and connect with them with a direct message.

Try different time zone: Social platform accessible by the global users. So use different time to share.

Best Time and day to share: mostly the Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are the most effective day to share in between the 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

What to share: mainly it’s depending on the industry but share with image, share with question and asks for voting; some contest and events get 200% more likely.

Hope, this content will helps you for better understanding of social signals.


Social media platforms became very strong platforms for branding and Google may also include social signals in their algorithms. Try the different techniques, time and share your thoughts on the various platforms.

Are you ready to boost up your traffic with social media?

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